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I think so little of the decision of Mariah Carey to sing the Nation… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I think so little of the decision of Mariah Carey to sing the Nation Anthem that I am posting in my journal about Arby's.

I think Arby's should hire me as a financial consultant. I went in there today for the first time in like a year and noticed major problems.

#1. When you give your guests free refills - by way of having the soda machine on the customer side of the counter - it is best to have them drink as little as possible.
#2. In order to achieve this objective, the straws should be regulation size, not jumbo diameter as they are at Arby's.
#3. Also, to further this objective, one should make the largest cups available to be on par with the largest anywhere - namely, those at Burger King & Carl's Jr.

See, I think the reason they charge so damn much for their meals is because their overhead is so high, and it is so because of the way they dispense soda there. People drink more because with a smaller cup and a wider straw, the soda goes quicker, so there are more refills, which means Arby's is putting out more soda than anyone else.

Wasn't that simple?
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