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Well, so much for getting up early and going into the Career Center.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Well, so much for getting up early and going into the Career Center. I still might do it this afternoon, since I don't have any pressing needs to take care of. Oh damn, there is a staff meeting for the radio station this afternoon.....guess I should make plans to go in even earlier. Like 3 or 3:30ish. Today I bought used copies of the Seven and The Rock DVDs...Seven has a ton of special features, which is practically a must for me to buy a DVD these days, and The Rock was just re-issued with cool new stuff, like a commentary with Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. Since I had some room on my credit card I figured what the hell. I'd like to pay it all off but sheesh, I need some toys. This weekend will be sorta busy. Tomorrow night, after work, I do my radio show, and then an hour later the station is doing Safe Rides, the campus-sponsored program for getting drunk kids home safe. That does 'til 3 in the morning, and then I have to be downtown at 8 to hook up computers for the move of a bunch of people from work. I don't mind being tired for it since it's routine stuff. That will take pretty much all day. So Sunday I will need to get going on all my papers that will be due at the end of the semester. With no football and no wrestling to distract me, hopefully it won't be too hard. My room is a mess. I need to clean it up. But I want to finish my story first. *BIG SIGH* There is just not enough time for everything.

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