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Productive today? Having the day off in order to keep up the… - Speak Friend and Enter
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Productive today?

Having the day off in order to keep up the appearances of being in school, since my job is a student job and they can't very well know I'm not in school right now. I plan in a couple weeks to say "Oh some financial things came up and I had to reschedule my classes for night classes" and start working full time until I find another job. If I'm going to work full time, I may as well get compensated as a full time employee, and that won't happen at the state.

Anyway, I mailed out my Mojo player finally. No idea when I'll be able to get the Rio Volt SP250 since I can't put any new charges on my credit card to making a late payment, and now I have to pay off like $2300 to get it clear. Weak. Maybe I should get another card. That'll be 3.

Also finished typing up the track information for the second CD I made for Sherry - yes, those CDs I posted about last March. I finally got them done. Well, 2 of them. Printed that out, labeled the CDs, got jewel cases for them, and mailed them out. Thats nice to have that taken care of finally.

I am looking at what the military offers since I can't seem to figure out what the hell I want to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm no patriot, but they offer a decent benefits thing. Plus, you can travel. I would never pass a physical fitness test to get in, though. Not sure how that works. Apparently I can at least take some test to find out what I could do.

Also, thanks to a tip from memoriam, I am looking at Americorps, the "domestic Peace Corps" that does volunteer work with compensation. That sounds weird. You go to some place in the country and help out with some program basically, you get room & board paid for, some money each month, and a big ol' education award thing at the end of your tenure. There are some opportunities to work with kids, I would like that.

I should get copying the cds for Amy.
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From: lukesellen Date: January 28th, 2002 03:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nice icon. I added you.
shycomputerguy From: shycomputerguy Date: January 28th, 2002 06:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just wondering, but by not telling your employer that you are no longer a student, could that be considered fraud?


I've always had my eye on the Navy as my safety net. It's like, when was the last time we actually had a ship sunk? WWII? It never happens, so that is one of the more safer places to be. Rather there then the battle field. Plus you get to see the world and being an Eagle Scout, well, I'm not, but you are, you already are at least one rank above the recent recruits.

And then when I want out of the Navy, I just hit on my superior and bingo, discharge city.

Of course, that's my safety net.
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