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Tonight I had an epiphany. I love epiphanies. This one was about… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Tonight I had an epiphany. I love epiphanies. This one was about music.

I realized that music is never created. Music is an independent existing "thing". When musicians craft songs, they are capturing, harnessing, that thing. It is the truly gifted among us that are able to perform this, which is why there is so little good music in the world. They are able to do what the rest of us cannot, I imagine, because they can hear the music before they grab that piece and incorporate instruments to it. They don't hear it with their ears, they hear it with their soul.

The bad music, the Linkin Parks and the Britney Spearses of the world, don't understand this. They actually try to create the music, which is why it sounds so terrible. They can't hear it.

It actually explains a lot of my separate theories, such as why electronic music is crap, because it attempts to digitize something that is organic and dynamic by nature, not encased in a system.

I think there was more, but thats the gist.
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kujkaroth From: kujkaroth Date: January 28th, 2002 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)
I think that is one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard.
I also think electronic music sucks.
From: rest_in_pieces Date: January 28th, 2002 11:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes I agree, that was >very< well put. I can only wonder what's swimming around in the heads of the members of say, Anathema or Dream Theater. Though, it's the crappy "artists" out there in the world that serve as somewhat a driving force for those truly gifted individuals. The Linkin Parks and such just seem to want to capitalize on something that was already there. The first Korn album has cursed us all!
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