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December 18th, 2013 - Speak Friend and Enter — LiveJournal
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
That's over a third of my life. Except, of course, that I basically stopped using in 2006. Since I paid to have it forever, I like to know it's there but I don't feel obligated to write in it. Not sure if there is some fancy new notification that tells the remaining 14 of you that I posted, but we'll see.

Here is the status of my life as of 12/18/13:
*Doing very well at work, being groomed for 2 different promotions of which I pretty much have my pick. I work in IT for a non-profit healthcare org and it's fulfilling enough for now. It can be frustrating, both with nurses who can't tell a power button from an actual button and the internal maneuverings of a 50,000+ employee company, but my hard work is recognized and the benefits are honestly pretty outstanding. I haven't paid for my health insurance for 2 years. I work overnight these days which a) pays me a lot more and b) allows me to assume the role of shift lead which is one of the possible promotions forthcoming.
*Living in a friend's house for the last couple years with cheap rent. Has enabled me to achieve certain financial goals, such as...
*Paid off my credit cards midway through the year. That was amazing. I bought a $1,000 TV and I still had more money in my account than I ever did in the past. And then I opened a savings account to start saving for a house. Owning a home is the thing I want most in the world and I hope to do so in 2014. Doing lots of research into options.
*Health is about where it always is, subpar. I can't stick to a healthy eating plan, but that's largely because I don't create a healthy eating plan.
*Single as hell and honestly not bothered by it much these days. Too many women turned out to be too much trouble, and I got real sick of it. We'll see what happens.

Here are some things I really want to do next year:
*Buy that house. CalFHA loans seem promising but I really want to put as much away for a down payment as I can.
*Learn 5 songs on the guitar.
*Get really really good at cooking a couple Creole dishes
*Take a more practical approach to fitness (this includes agreeing to playing indoor soccer. I've never played soccer before but I've watched friends play). Softball was fun but I wasn't prepared for the bursts of running. Also get back to tennis.
*Create a 60 second edited, scored stop motion video.
*Read more.

I've gotten really into comic books and the fantastical in the last few months; I got a little burned out on "serious" fiction and needed something a little more...imaginative. I still play a lot of video games and watch a lot of movies, but a guy needs hobbies. Oh, and I started volunteering at the SPCA. I adopted a cat in Oregon in 2010 (I lived in Oregon for a couple years).

Mostly right now I'm looking forward to a regular work schedule with normal weekends off, house hunting, and continually progressing in my career.
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