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Basics: 1. Name? Dumbass 2.Age The perfect one 3. Nickname?… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings

1. Name?
The perfect one
3. Nickname?
4. Height?
Taller than you probably

5. Weight?
I don't live in Ethiopia and I show it

6. Eye Color?
that color of blue that you see when you're tripping
7. Hair Color?
nobody has truly red hair. its.....very orange.
8. High School?
you want my opinion? useful to get into college
9. Grade?
AA Large
10. Fave Movie?
I truly don't know anymore.

11. Fave Movie?
I still don't know, so stop asking me.
12. Fave Food?
I haven't eaten dinner, don't ask me about food.
13. Fave Season?
Its before winter and after summer.....spring!
14. Fave Ink Color?
yeah cause i totally pay attention to that
15. Fave Radio Station?
90.9, classical station
16. Fave TV Channel?
the one that shows naked chicks
17. Fave TV Channel For Movies?
one of the seven dozen HBOs
18. Fave Old Movie?
how old is old?
19. Fave Old Song?
negative..unless you count Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, thats pretty old
20. Fave Fruit For Your Cereal?
'nanners, or strawbewwies
21. Fave Holiday?
the non commercial one?
22. Fave Breakfast Food?
hash browns
23. Fave Kinkiest Food?
24. Fave Hair Style?
yeah, cause i pay attention to that
25. If You Could Die Your Hair Any Crazy Color, What Would It Be?
26. Fave Eye Color?
blue or green eyes, combined with dark brown hair...mmmmmmmmm.......
27. Fave Color Floppy Disk?
28. Fave CD-ROM?
Commandos 2
29. Fave Musical Artist?
this week, its Dream Theater
30. Fave Musical Group?
yes, same one
31. #1 Fave Song?
One - Metallica
32. Fave CD?
Braveheart soundtrack
33. Fave ‘NOW’ CD?
you mean recently? the DT album that comes out in 2 weeks
34. Which ‘NOW’ CDs Do You Own?
not much from the last six months or so....the new Iced Earth?
35. What Do You Want For Your Birthday?
peace with my parents, and maybe a direction
36. Fave Nick-At-Nite/TVLand And Show (Fave Old Show)?
37. Fave Number?
38. Fave Day Of The Year?
the anniversary of my birth, i figure its cause to celebrate
39. Fave Month Of The Year?
october i suppose
40. Fave Movie Theatre?
the one in Jack London Square, i forget the name. badass.

Either or…
1. Grape or strawberry jelly?
2. Rain or shine?
rain baby
3. Hotel or motel?
length of stay over cost
4. Pool – indoor or outdoor?
nobody puts a pool indoors!
5. Popcorn – buttered or unbuttered?
do not put that "butter" anywhere near my popped corn thank you
6. “Rush Hour” – 1 or 2?
only saw #1
7. Siskel or Ebert?
the dead one
8. SunTimes or Trib?
what the hell are you talking about
9. NBC or ABC?
10. AOL or not?
11. Rose or daffodil?
12. Red or pink?
blood red
13. Black or white?
the darkest black imaginable
14. Coffee or tea?
15. Sleep or awake?
hard to do much asleep
16. BSB or *NSYNC?
which would i rather see thrown off a cliff? too hard to call
17. Convertible or not?
i've been in them....sunroofs are better

1. What time do you get up every morning?
the latest i can and still be on time
2. What time do you go to bed?
well last night it was after 5am
3. Are you racist/prejudiced/stereotyping?
of course i have prejudices. of course i stereotype. stereotypes wouldn't exist if they didn't apply 90% of the time
4. Are you a feminist?
absolutely. i'm a femi-nazi
5. If you were born in the right era, would you have been a hippie?
yeah right
6. Fave genre of music?
well gee let me think about that one
7. Fave Girls’ Names?
i'm stuck on Chloe right now
8. Fave Boys’ Names?

duh, Christopher
9. Fave Car?
the one that runs
10. What do you want your first car to be/what was your first car?
1987 Chevy Celebrity
11. Fave Finger?
the one that has uses
12. Do you get excited, worried or do you groan when you go to check your mail?
fairly apathetic
13. How often is your room clean?
i've lived here for 2 1/2 years.....probably 3 times
14. What is your schedule for an average Tuesday evening?
go home, eat, watch buffy, watch 24, play quake, play counterstrike, sleep

Would you…
1. … kiss on the first date?
depends, but i imagine i would

2. … eat a hamburger with maple syrup on it?
sure, why not
3. … eat a sandwich with potato chips on it?
what, you haven't?
4. … drop someone into a pool fully clothed?
5. … jump into the lake in the middle of winter?
that i just can't bring myself to do
6. … go skydiving?
the best way to conquer a fear of falling
7. … go bungee jumping?
too dangerous..... ?
8. … sing in front of a large audience?
only to the right song

End Stuff…
1. How long did this survey take you?
too long, though i deleted portions of it that i thought were lame *winks*
2. Are you going to pass it along?
only if people take it
3. Who are you passing it along to?
it's up for grabs
4. Who is the most likely to respond?
5. Least likely?
6. Did you like this survey?
i think i've taken it before
7. Do you like surveys in general?
obviously, i am bored and that is why i took it.
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