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I'm listening to Green Day. This is the band that we air drum to the… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I'm listening to Green Day. This is the band that we air drum to the most at work. Its not complicated, its just that Tre is so energetic. I was talking to the other Chris here on Tuesday, and he said he and another guy were covering Green Day songs but didn't have any drums so it sounded weird. He said I should get some drums so I can jam with them. Heh. I would, except a) I have nowhere to put them and b) Its kinda loud. Tre actually only uses a 4 piece kit, which surprised me - 2 toms, the snare, and the kick. I was looking at those electronic ones that don't make the noise but they are like a grand. Oh well. Sometime in the future.

My computer is back together, and lo and behold, it works fine. Those guys were probably right, that motherboard is just fine, its probably something else that caused it not to work....even though I have the same parts on this new board. Whatever. Fuck 'em. I got to play Quake. And tonight I can see how UT and HL look on the new monitor with those graphics. *drool* It didn't take me long to get back in the groove of my Quakeage, but I am rusty. Its been 3 months, after all.

Its really terrible, having this during finals week. Like I don't have enough distractions already. I have hella shit to do tonight and tomorrow before the campus closes. Just so I can pass classes. Argh.

I was busy yesterday beforehand reading about screenplays - writing them, submitting them. I added a ton of books to my Amazon wish list. Yes, I intend to write one at some point. Or at least, colloborate on one, eh?

Based on that stuff, I figured that I have some need to express my creative side....the drumming, the writing, and such. What I would really like to do is have a job that pays enough for me to pay my rent & my bills and be able to eat, and thats it, and then use my time away from work to give this stuff a shot.

Of course, my mom made me realize that (assuming I get through this semester without getting kicked out) I only have 2 semesters left of school before a degree. It was enough to be a sobering thought, although how I use that information is still up in the air. Part of me says "Yeah, one year, you can do that easily enough, but not right now, follow your heart" and the other part says "Dude, its just one year!! After that, you won't have to worry about going back, and you'll have that free time outside of work to indulge in your creativity!" and I have no idea who to listen to.

I want to get a digital camcorder. I don't have any particular ideas for what to do with it, although it might be fun to shoot some mock commercials or little short films. Practice, or something. Mostly I have this need to tape the world. That sounds odd. Too bad they cost a bundle. I've actually managed to use up a lot of credit card room. And I still need to buy some games.

I like making people happy. I'm not sure, but perhaps its a sign of a positive change in 'chelle that when I first met her, "verbal gifts" (for lack of a better synonym for compliment) were met with reluctant acceptance, and now she does not hesitate to thank a person profusely for a more tangible present. Of course, its probably just because its Dave. :)

That's it for now.

Currently Blasting: Green Day - Basket case

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