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I am hiding. **************** At various points during the sleep… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I am hiding.


At various points during the sleep cycle last night, the following images came to be:

-- running an ECW-like wrestling fed inside a department store.
-- finding out about a guy robbing banks(?) and solving it as if i was on "24"
-- meeting a girl who i always see at the light rail station
-- seeing things from the perspective of the bank robber, going into the next targeted place
-- chasing said bank robber outside, avoiding fire Matrix-style, blowing him away
-- as he died, he started babbling about this sound clip that exists where Jamie Lee Curtis and Jude Law take turns sucking on opposite sides of a milk carton for an hour. no joke, that was in my dream.

That sounds worse, again, than it did in my head.
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