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If you have not taken the time to watch "24" yet, do so. It is quite… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
If you have not taken the time to watch "24" yet, do so. It is quite engaging. But do it quick, because I'm not sure how much longer they will be doing recaps at the beginning of every episode - and frankly I hope they stop doing it quick.

I did notice that there seemed to be less of the multiple camera angle stuff tonight - of course, its also possible that it has already become so fluid and natural, and the story so intriguing, that I simply didn't notice as much.

My predictions for the season:

*Tony is the mole. It seems obvious, but I like it.
*Janet will die. Not next week getting run over, but somehow. Kim will live.
*The season will end with Nina getting hurt and us not knowing if she will live or die (the cliffhanger ending)
*Jack will save the day
*Palmer....I can't decide if he will get shot or not. Either way, he lives.
*Mandy double-crosses that guy for killing her lesbo lover
*(Mom) & Janet's dad will get a little too comfortable, but refrain

That is a good start.

Buffy was also kickass. Although the end, which featured I believe her fucking - literally - Spike, may have been a tad mature. But it was good. "You didn't come back right". Makes for all sorts of interesting ideas.

One of these days I will explain my theory on why the WWF should have the Buffy writers do its shows.

RAW wasn't that good. Everyone is starved for big things. They got it. And they gorged themselves.
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