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Another Damn Sports Post - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Another Damn Sports Post
There are too many bowl games. Every team and its grandmother's weekend bingo club get to go to a bowl game nowadays. The top 25 should all just play each other. After all, they are presumably the best right?

I still don't understand boxing as a "sport". Two guys hit each other until one falls down. I gotta wonder, do they have any kind of motivation before stepping in the ring? Or do they just go "Well, I don't really know this guy, I have no animosity towards him, but I get paid a lot of money if I beat the shit out of him, so here goes."? How do you attack someone like that who you don't even know?

I used to think that football games should have been played following the terrorist attack, because hey, football players have to work too - that is their job - and not all of them are millionaires. However, after seeing how the NFL treats repeated offenders of its substance abuse policy - by suspending Jamal Lewis for 4 games - I have changed my mind. Most people violate something like that, they get fired on the first offense. Not with pro athletes, no no, they get second chances upon second chances because they're rold models...or something.

I think there was something else, but I forgot.
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