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Using a journal like a journal - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Using a journal like a journal
For once, I'm actually going to "go journal" and record the events of the day....thus far.
I forgot to change my alarm to wake me up earlier because I planned on going into work an hour before I usually do. So I was up and outta here in about 15 min to catch light rail, which takes 15-20 min anyway to get there. So I ended up being a little late. The reason for arriving early was because it was Groupwise Training day, in which employees of the department from all over the north half of the state show up and we walk them through the in's and out's of the e-mail program we use here, Novell's Groupwise. A couple months ago I got charged with helping the trainer guy (Eric) set up the training room and since then I'm the go to guy since I remember more or less how things are set up. The problem with our training room is that we never have more than like 5 out of 24 network ports working, and today's class had 16 people in it. I only managed to get 4 working ports and 1 of those goes to Eric. If you don't care how a network is set up, skip the next paragraph.....

At least in our building, each computer runs an RJ45 cable to a box on either the wall of the floor ("monument"). Then there is a ton of wiring under the floor and in the walls and such, and then it's hardwired to some apparti in one of our closets we have set up on each floor of ours. One end is the patch panel where the numbers on the monuments are so we know which ports have cables on them. We run cables from the jacks on the patch panel to jacks on the switch. The network admins are able to look at the switch to see where errors are and such. Back to our problem at hand.

The laptops we use for the training are old, as are the cables we hook them up with. I'm not sure at this point, but I think some cables in the closet are bad, since there is no indicator lighting up on the switch for them, no matter where I plug it in. My project I've laid out for myself, then, is to figure out where the problem is and totally fix it before the next training session. It'd be nice to not have to worry which are working and which aren't and just plug everything in. We shall see.

Since I was only there for half the day today, I spent an hour doing nothing (well, eating but after that nothing) and then 2 hours answering the help desk phone. I think I had 3 calls. One lady had a IP conflict, which are easy enough to fix, but I wouldn't mind knowing why we keep seeing these things. That is, if anyone actually knows. One other lady called about access rights seemingly having been lost with a new computer, so we had to get those to her. I wish I could use the Admin program since it would be easier to solve it at my desk then having to go find someone. Obviously I don't know how everything works but it's very well laid out and not difficult to understand. But that's one of the drawbacks of being a student assistant I suppose. I think the only other call was actually Eric in the training room with another IP conflict. Boring day.

I was going to come home and work on my short story, but I ended up sleeping for a couple hours and then I watched Simpsons. Today's first episode was where Homer takes over for a trucker that dies eating a huge steak. Good one. The second one is the episode where his rage translates to art. Funny. I was planning on going to SF tonight to catch Cryptopsy/Origin/Candiria/Poison the Well, but I am so poor. Between bills and auctions (fucking addictive ebay) I am going to be on meager means until I get paid again. The good news on that front is that I should finally be getting paid what I'm supposed to. Our wage is based on our units, and when I got hired someone fucked up and didn't get my total right, and it's been a bitch to get it taken care of. Hopefully I shall be getting retroactive pay as well since I have had the same total since I started there.

So I suppose I will work on my short story tonight. I have this idea about a bank robbery for some reason. I just need a particularly interesting concept for it, a la Point Break.

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