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Arizona Diamondbacks: 2001 World Series Champions Mark Grace Curt… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Arizona Diamondbacks: 2001 World Series Champions

Mark Grace
Curt Schilling
Randy Johnson
Matt Williams
Jay Bell

Real baseball players. Totally deserve it. Johnson has (hopefully!) silenced his critics.

I figure at least 40% of the postgame stuff will still be about Jeter, on account of all the announcers that want to sleep with him.

Apparently this series was more dramatic than I gave it credit for: 2 extra inning games in NY tied with 2-out 9th inning home runs. And a helluva finish tonight. Too bad for Rivera.

If you happened to switch to ESPN for the late NFL game, you might have seen a Saints player get ejected for fighting, but at least he had a legitimate reason - one of the Jets tried to rip his quarterback's head off. Of course, throwing a Jets helmet across the field and flipping off the official didn't help matters.

Then I heard about a college football game that went SEVEN overtimes. SEVEN. Holy shit.

See, sports rules.
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