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If anyone has seen that mail going around about a way to stop worms… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
If anyone has seen that mail going around about a way to stop worms from propogating through your address book, take a look at this, its great:
Do you believe in good luck? A man carries a small horseshow in his
jacket pocket over his heart for good luck. One night he is robbed at
gunpoint. The theif decides to shoot him, hitting him in the chest.
What happened, however, is the bullet hit that horseshoe and saved
his life. Was it the luck of a horseshoe? Or just that at that
particular time the gunman aimed at the right spot?
Well, this trick is the same thing. IF it works ever at all, it's
pure luck. What probably happened is that someone tried it and it
However, worms are as diverse as those who write them, meaning that
if you rely on this to save your computer, you also belive in the
horseshoe being good enough luck to keep you safe crossing the street
- even if you do not look both ways first.
You might "get lucky" and it works - maybe. More often than not,
however, it won't.
And, even IF it did, face it - you are already infected!
No, you are better off running NAV and keeping it current and NEVER
open email attachments that you did not ask for or that you can't
respond to and ask if THEY really intended to send it.
NEver trust what you read in email passed around, never open
unexpected attachments. Always run NAV with the latest defs.
Do me