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four places you could get to on one tank of gas : - Home - Bonnie,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
four places you could get to on one tank of gas :
- Home
- Bonnie, maybe
- 'chelle's new digs :)
- duh, the bay

four things you'd eat on the last day of your life (assuming i still have teeth) :
- Gigantic (that's pronounced gy-jantic) filet mignon
- either salmon or rainbow trout
- Dad's teryaki chicken
- Grandma's strawberry shortcake

four names for an adorable new puppy :
- Eye booger
- My God What Is That Thing
- At Least Its Not A Cat, Right
- Do All These Smell So Bad

four CDs from your collection that are your least favorites :
(not listened to much..i wouldn't own it if i didn't like it)
- Solitude Aeturnus - Downfall
- Terrorizer - World Downfall
- Epidemic - Decameron
- Anthrax - Fistful of Metal

four movies that made you think :
- The Matrix
- American Beauty
- Groundhog Day
- Wild Things

four celebrities you would have sex with :
- Eliza Dushku
- Ashley Judd!!!!!
- Rena Sofer
- Elisabeth Shue

four charities/causes that you would donate to if you won the lottery :
- Pick 4 cancers

four vacations you have taken :
- Orlando
- Canada
- The 7-state trek
- That's really about it

four songs you get stuck in your head frequently:
- Demons & Wizards - My Last Sunrise
- I have to hear a song to get it stuck......I dont listen to the radio much

four things you'd like to learn:
- guitar
- Perl
- Flash
- the truth behind the JFK assassination

four beverages you drink frequently :
- Coke
- More Coke
- Water
- Crystal Light

four TV shows that were on when you were a kid :
- Webster
- Darkwing Duck
- Greatest American Hero
- Sledge Hammer

four places to go in your city :
- Boardwalk
- Roadhouse
- TGIF's
- Gold Club Centerfolds.....not that I've ever been.......

four things to do with a rubber band :
- hold it between your fingers, stretched, then put a paper clip that has been unfolded except for one last curve, and pull the bottom of the rubber band back with the curved part, over the top part of the rubber band....then fire. old school warfare.
- cut off blood circulation
- do funny things with your nose
- make chains
Do me