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On Mortality - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
On Mortality
The human body is so fucking inefficient. I hate the concept of sleep. The most unproductive state of a human being possible and it takes up like a good quarter of the day on average. We are complex biomechanical rechargeable batteries at best. We have to recharge ourselves after every use, and each time yields less and less recouped energy, until finally there is nothing gained, and we become useless (i.e. dead). What kind of perfect being would create things with such large quantities of imperfections? Our physical nature is nothing short of thoroughly flawed. And yet it seems so intricately constructed. A weird paradox. I wonder, with all the work being done in genetics, will man one day find a way to render sleep obsolete and unnecessary, essentially supplying the body with a continous supply of natural amphetamines that don't have any ill effects, thereby rendering us immortal? And if such a thing comes to pass, will there still be a need for God? If man can fix every physical flaw in humans, and grants immortality, he becomes God's equal, and no longer has a need for Him.

I thought of this while riding in my roommate's car on our way back to our apartment from his parent's house 20 miles south of here. No particular reason. Do people use amphetamines to beat the body's necessity for sleep?

Don't get me wrong, sleep has its virtues, but if it wasn't necessary I wouldn't miss it.
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