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I think my CPU fan was defective from the time I got it. Why you… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I think my CPU fan was defective from the time I got it. Why you ask? Because I think it kept screwing up my CMOS - I had to reset it once again after transferring files from my old hard drives, and eventually it worked. Then everything was Ok.....but the CPU fan didn't run. I tried a different one on both plugs with success so I assumed I had to replace the CPU fan. Joy.

So today I skipped my last 2 classes to go in search of one. I tried CompUSA first, to no avail, because all they had were fans/heatsink combos, and there's nothing wrong with my heatsink! (FYI: As in auto mechanics, if any computer tech guy ever says he has to replace the heatsink, he is most likely lying - it is not an electronic part at all.) I tried Best Buy as well with no luck, then finally went to Fry's.....where I had to buy a heatsink combo anyway. Ah, well, now I have a spare.....for no reason. At least I'm back on. See, the computer worked, but I didn't want to risk melting the processor from overheating. This new fan is fucking loud though. :(
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