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A guy messaged me, started threatening me and such, saying I knew who… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
A guy messaged me, started threatening me and such, saying I knew who it was. I told him I didn't . Then he asked if I was Chris Tullo. I said no, and I'm not kidding. He said some kid told him thats who I was. Said he was calling me a fag by this screen name. So what did I do? Let it roll off? NOPE!! I decided to fuck with this guy. Supposed a "hacker". God what a retard. The conversation is in full below. Anyone who knows anything about computers should get a good laugh out of it.

DJChaos1580: who are you calling a fag??
ViciousCarn: you cunt boy , u got shit ?
ViciousCarn: nigger , i'd rape u and yur computer 10x before u knew it.
ViciousCarn: i have 3 tower's all linked to a linux powered os , yur IM just sent me yur ip , i'ma run a search on it.
DJChaos1580: dude randy just told me your calling me a fag
ViciousCarn: u better run off the net before i fuck u up.
ViciousCarn: i did.
ViciousCarn: what u gonna do bout it ?
DJChaos1580: im gonna call my mommy
ViciousCarn: well bit boy ?
DJChaos1580: she will talk to your mommy
ViciousCarn: u better u fuck.
ViciousCarn: u think ?
DJChaos1580: and then you will be grounded!!!!
ViciousCarn: get off the internet now little boy.
ViciousCarn: i'm going to make your computer spin 10 times.
DJChaos1580: really?? neat!!! i wanna see!!!
ViciousCarn: i'm havin my boys run a check on yur hard drive speed , make shure yur even worth our time.
ViciousCarn: 56gay modem eh u fuck.
ViciousCarn: windows 98.
DJChaos1580: hard drive speed????
DJChaos1580: what does that have to do with anything?
ViciousCarn: don't even think about a mcaffee or i'm not shure if this is a norton firewall..
ViciousCarn: could just be lose wiring.
DJChaos1580: omg
ViciousCarn: these IMs are just sending me more information. (=<
DJChaos1580: have you gotten my shoe size yet?
ViciousCarn: no , but u have 64ram , a pentium 2 processor.
ViciousCarn: uhmm..
ViciousCarn: 56,000 hard drive speed.. lmfao
ViciousCarn: oh lord.
ViciousCarn: 1 sec.
ViciousCarn: yur 56gay isn't gonna work , i can always send u a deltree.
DJChaos1580: hahahahaha
DJChaos1580: you are a funny guy
DJChaos1580: do you know any jokes?
ViciousCarn: besides the falling of yur computer ? no.
ViciousCarn: reformatting disk should work btw.
ViciousCarn: if u don't have one , try taking it into the shop.
ViciousCarn: gonna be like $200 tho.
DJChaos1580: my daddy might be mad when that happens
DJChaos1580: he said compaq is good
DJChaos1580: as long as you dont put any naked ladies on here i am ok
DJChaos1580: naked ladies are bad
ViciousCarn: when i'm done there won't be anything in yur computer.
ViciousCarn: with an unstable os like win98 , u shouldn't have much in there anyways.
DJChaos1580: i thought windows was the best?
ViciousCarn: damn , u don't even have more than 10gig hd.
ViciousCarn: are u insulting my intelligence boy ?
ViciousCarn: i'm trying to educate u.
DJChaos1580: how are you seeing what the computer has? is that like a "hacker" thing?
ViciousCarn: naah , my friend's are phreaker's.
ViciousCarn: i'm connected to them thru linux and i see what they see.
ViciousCarn: it's a 200 network station.
ViciousCarn: we have our own server , it's 20x faster than DSL or cable.
DJChaos1580: my daddy works in a building where they have a next work or something like that
ViciousCarn: uno what a phreaker is ?
DJChaos1580: is that like the muppet beaker?
ViciousCarn: dude , i thought i'd be nice bout this , but yur just gonna learn the hard way.
ViciousCarn: expect hell at about 1300hrs.
DJChaos1580: i dont like school much
Previous message was not received by ViciousCarn because of error: User ViciousCarn is not available.

ViciousCarn signed off at 12:34:06 PM.
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starbelle From: starbelle Date: September 22nd, 2001 10:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
That guy couldn't even spell/type. How the fuck is he going to know anything about hacking?


You were pretty funny, by the way.
suffocated From: suffocated Date: September 22nd, 2001 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm thinking next time I see him around I'll fill him in on the truth maybe.
2 pity screws or Do me