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I was talking to my best friend last night - I was hanging out with… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I was talking to my best friend last night - I was hanging out with him since he leaves in a day to go back up to school in Seattle - and we were talking about the future. Today in one of my classes I jotted this down....


At 23 I will have one semester left.

At 24 I will be out for six months with a new job.

At 25 I may be out of Cailfornia, finally.

But where?

Doing what?

I won't have any real reason to stay here any longer. Nothing will be keeping me here. Family will not be enough. Bonnie will probably be long gone. I don't know where Adam will be, geographically or in life. There would have to be a really excellent reason for me to stay here, even in this state.

There is a lot of growing up to do in 3 years. Much responsibility to take on. Complete self-sufficiency. But I am not ready yet. At that point I will really have to pay attention to finances.

I sure better have an idea of what I want to do by then. Maybe really long term goals are the way to go. When I reach that point of real adulthood I may be very different, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically. A new me.


It's kinda eerie to look back on things and see how they've changed, and then not be 100% sure the change was for the good.
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