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Hello, and welcome to the "Everything Revolves Around Ungrateful… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Hello, and welcome to the "Everything Revolves Around Ungrateful Sister Weekend Extravaganza"!! With fabulous prizes - tell 'em Johnny!

Johnny: That's right, Wink. One of our lucky contestants today will walk out with something I'm sure we'd all like to have.....back pains!!! Can you believe it? We'll let the other prizes be known as the show goes on....back to you Wink!

Wink: Thanks, Johnny. Now entering the studio are our contestants this evening. First, we have Chris, a philosophy student working at California State Parks fixing computers. Next, we have John, father of 2 working as a technician for the Tri-Dam Project in Sonora. Finally, we have Mary, doting mother and grade-school teacher at a local school. Welcome, contestants. Chris, you won the coin toss backstage, you get to pick first - and here are our categories:

"Ninety Degree Turns"
"Multiple Flights of Stairs"
"Pack Rats"
"Really Bad Priorities"

Chris: I think I'll start with "Pack Rats", Wink.

Wink: Ok - and remember, you must answer in the form of a question - You sister had six of these packed for the move.

Chris: Oh, easy. What is "backpacks she hasn't used in several years?"

Wink: That's correct! $100 for the first correct answer of the game. Pick again.

*Stay tuned for more heated competition.......*
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