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Well, yesterday I didn't do a whole lot, per usual. I mean, it was… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Well, yesterday I didn't do a whole lot, per usual. I mean, it was Saturday. I did, however, manage to complete a little project I've been working on for certain special someone, so hopefully they will see that early this week. I also got Schlotzsky's, which if you don't know, has kickass sandwiches.

Today I was much more productive. I had to go to the orientation thing for the radio station even though it's my fourth semester with that station. Met some new people, learned about the studio equipment we got - SWEET! - and had some pizza. Nothing mindblowing. I then went off Mervyn's to get some clothes. After all, school does start tomorrow *shudder*. There, I got really depressed. About what was fitting and what wasn't. The former being the majority. I don't need any one making judgements, even internally and unintentionally, so I'll refrain from getting detailed. It was just a bummer.

So that's probably why, during my subsequent visits to Target and Safeway, I got vitamins and actual FRUIT. You don't understand, we never buy fruit. I tried to get some, well not totally healthy stuff, but some things I skipped over. I'm set all week for food, which was nice since it was only $75.

I got 4 classes tomorrow, starting at 9AM, and I found out just now that my first show is scheduled for 5-7pm tomorrow. Damn, I have NOTHING prepared. I'll have to see if I can throw anything together tonight.

Gotta do some cleaning.
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