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I have started this thing 3 times today but keep restarting.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I have started this thing 3 times today but keep restarting.

Summary: Guy eludes cop for traffic violation. Guy goes home. Guy gets guns. Cops follow guy home. Guy starts shooting. Guy uses high-powered hunting rifle to kill cop. Cops send a hail of bullets into the house, missing the guy. Cops spend 5 hours with SWAT shutting off power, gas, water, and finally get him to surrrender.

What I didn't understand is, why didn't they just burst in and kill the fucker? He killed a goddamn cop and they just wait it out. That is so freaking stupid. The guys on the show were talking about the risk of suits and abuse of power, etc after the Waco thing but come on, a cop was killed, there is no such thing as excessive force in that situation. Fucking justice system.
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