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The 100 question thing - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
The 100 question thing
So I was inspired by Michelle to do the 100 Things You May Not Know About Me deal. I thought it would be interesting to sorta have one thing flow to another.

Oh, and I have only done 50 so far.

1. My middle name is Lawrence.
2. It's my grandpa's (on my mother's side) name.
3. He died of cancer in 1993.
4. It was 2 days before my birthday.
5. That was the first time I ever cried due to overwhelming sadness.
6. I have only felt that way one other time that I can recall.
7. It was when my best friend's dad died in October.
8. He was my former Scoutmaster.
9. He was like a second father to me.
10. I was at the hospital when he died.
11. The death further cemented my nontheist beliefs.
12. I could only think of one way to rationalize it in my mind.
13. It was "Everyone has a certain amount of life in them, and Ed lived to such a full extent that he used his up in half the time"
14. I graduated 33rd in my high school class.
15. With a 3.95 GPA.
16. We had a lot of smart kids in that class.
17. We had co-valedictorians
18. They were twins.
19. I was the editor-in-chief for my high school newspaper for my 3rd year on staff.
20. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the decision to change its format.
21. I came around.
22. During my senior year I was very outgoing.
23. I was a Powderpuff cheerleader.
24. I lip-synched Weird Al with my 2 best friends for the inaugural Gong Show.
25. I also had my wisdom teeth pulled 3 days before that year started.
26. I have never felt so incredibly out of it.
27. Not even when I have been drunk.
28. Which I have probably been twice, legally.
29. Once on my birthday, once just hanging out at home.
30. Homemade Screwdrivers rule.
31. And whatever you call Vodka in Cranberry juice.
32. The last time I drank, I had about 5 shots of tequila.
33. I was chasing it with Screwdrivers.
34. I did not feel intoxicated.
35. I am not sure what that will mean.
36. I blew up my engine once.
37. I did not put oil in the car.
38. For some reason I lack major common sense when it comes to cars.
39. Good thing I have a Nissan.
40. When I blew up my engine, I could not call Triple A.
41. Because at the time, my wallet was missing.
42. After the ordeal was over, I found my wallet.
43. I thought I had dropped it out my shorts when I took my roommate to the airport.
44. Turns out it had fallen in the side of my recliner.
45. I had a crush on one of the attorneys at the law firm I used to work at.
46. She is 29.
47. I told her before I left.
48. I got a lot of input on the subject.
49. Nothing came of it.
50. You know me much better now.

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