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That one was about what happened, now here's what I left thinking… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
That one was about what happened, now here's what I left thinking about things.

It's funny how my parents are far more concerned with my future than I am - they are all worried that I'll be poor and starving because I refuse to believe that a Philosophy degree is altogether useless. They haven't done research on it, they are just going on the idea that all a Philosophy degree entitles you to do is be a Philosopher. WRONG!!! I wish they would get off my back about it. They won't until I can prove to them that it's a worthy field, and even then I will probably never hear the end of it.

I know my grandparents grew up in a different America, but it's like they have an inherent mistrust of all other ethnic groups. They have to point out every time if someone is black, or Asian, and it's weird. Yesterday, we were driving home I think, and someone was driving slow, or exhibiting some other annoying driving habit, and as we went by my grandma felt the need to point out that the woman driving was Indian. (Don't know if she meant Native American or actually Indian). I was thinking "SO???? Why does that matter grandma?" but I refrained from saying anything. I just don't get it. Whatever.

I have been talking to the lovely Michelle seemingly everyday for the last couple weeks. It's great - every time I talk to her I find out something else that we have in common. I mean, I can't think of any other ex-philosophy majors with an interest in religion who read the fortunes from fortune cookies but don't eat them (the cookies, silly) simply as a matter of taste that I know! :) (Will get on that DMB CD ASAP 'chelle!)

I am going to attend RAW is WAR tonight at Arco. This is so going to rule. The night after SummerSlam. We got stuff for signs last night but didn't make any yet. My task today is to think of a couple really good ideas. Hopefully going to have Sylvia come along with us. Wrestling chicks rule!
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her_whispers From: her_whispers Date: August 20th, 2001 08:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
no worries Chris... thank you thank you thank you!

Have fun tonight!

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