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This is something I was going to save for a new rant on my web page… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
This is something I was going to save for a new rant on my web page but it's on my mind right now and I can always do it later on the page. It concerns the seemingly growing acceptace of some of mankind's more evil tendencies - 2 in particular that I have witnessed via the wonderful world of television. The first is FOX's new Temptation Island show. I honestly don't know what kind of person thinks something like this up, and I really don't understand how anyone involved in it can sleep at night. Let's take the "sexy singles" for example; they are essentially getting paid to break up a couple. How does one live with that knowledge? "Oh, well, if they do break up it probably wasn't meant to be, and besides, I'm getting paid to be hot." I don't get it. It is quite disturbing. Just another show that exploits one of the nastier elements of being a human and tries to make it seem interesting? Or what? The other thing I've seen is those goddamn Targon commercials - you know, the ones where someone goes up to their significant other and says "Hey, you quit smoking!" and then when they hug, the 2nd person looks at the camera with this knowing grin. The product is some mouthwash thing that gives the appearance of not smoking due to whiter teeth and fresh breath, I believe. So great, now we want people to lie to each other, apparently their most loved ones, about smoking, and we're promoting this practice as good???? What the fuck is up with that? Really makes me wonder if my cynicism isn't as unfounded as I sometimes think it might be.
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