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So you wanna hear about my weekend? - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
So you wanna hear about my weekend?
Huh? DO YOU!?!??!

That's what I thought.

I left work on Thursday at 12 since I had an optometrist appt at 3 and I figured it would be silly to work one hour after lunch. Plus, the appt was down in Elk Grove so I had to have time to drive, there, etc etc. The good news is, my eyes actually seem to be getting better. That's right, the farsightedness has decreased over the last few years, according to the doc. He even did extra tests to verify. Hooray! So he changed my contact prescription to less powerful lenses.

On the way back up, I figured I'd take a stop at my old office to say hi to people - they expect me to come back and visit periodically. Well, when I got there, first Andrea, the receptionist, wasn't there, so I had to explain to the kid working who I was and what I wanted. I went back in the offices, and like nobody was there. I didn't recognize 2 secretaries, and only 3 of the attorneys were visible. One was in a meeting, and another was on the phone. That sucked. Teresa (my little crush.....that story will get posted one of these days) was there, but busy, so I didn't even get to talk to her. Guess I'll go back some other time.

Was up Friday morning and down at the grandparent's house by 8:30am. My mom said I should be forceful about driving, but my grandpa had been cleared by his doctor to start driving again (his ankle had been badly broken back in January...another story to tell). So he drove part of the way, then we switched. It wasn't that bad driving up with my grandparents, at least not as bad as I thought. That sounds mean, but hey, you don't know them, and it's not like I don't like them.....my grandma especially just has quirks.

Up near my parent's house one of those Indian casinos was built, so we piled into the car and went on over there. This was actually the first time I'd been to a casino of any kind since I turned 21. I don't see myself going again for a while. It was BORING! My grandma gave me $20 to blow since I'm not exactly rolling in the chedda these days, and I didn't lose it all right away. They only had slots there, but ranging from 5 cents to $5. I won a little, but eventually lost it all. No biggie. We all went home and napped.

What the heck did we do on Saturday? I don't remember. We did put together this fountain my grandparents bought for the parental units. And I took some video of my pooch, so I have something recent of her just in case I don't get the opportunity again - she is going to leave us soon, I know it, but she isn't showing signs of being sick. She is just old. So I'm being cautious.

My dad gave me another talk about how I'm wasting my life and I will never go anywhere with this major, and I'll be living out of my car in a couple years. Isn't he a booster? Grrrr. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, where crying babies didn't help to alleviate the unexcitement caused by the average fare.

And then we came home Sunday about 11. Helped grandpa with some computer stuff, and came home for SummerSlam.

Now for the entry on thoughts.......

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