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How old are you? 22 What's your computer desktop wallpaper?… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings

  • How old are you?

  • What's your computer desktop wallpaper?
    Due to Webshots, it changes. Presently at work - closeup of a honeybee on a flower with purple petals. At home....well when I last checked it was a hot chick. :)

  • What's your homepage when you log onto the internet?
    Always my Excite home page. Even though I never really look at it. I should change it to my friends page.

  • What's your favorite movie? Only ONE!
    Tough call. Braveheart sometimes, American Beauty at others.

  • Who's your favorite author?
    I don't really have one, since I don't read books based on the author. For most number of books I've read that were written by the same guy, it'd be R.A. Salvatore.

  • What's your favorite outfit to wear?
    Uh....I'm a guy. Oh, alright, I'll answer it. A t-shirt (whatever is clean) and just comfy cotton shorts, especially during the summer.

  • Look to the right of your computer- what do you see?
    The right speaker.

  • What picture is on your mousepad?
    It's an old-style picture of the world, with Latin writing on it. I found it in the config room when I started here.

  • What color/year/make/model car do you drive?
    1988 Gray Nissan Sentra that makes noise.

  • What color/year/make/model car would you drive if you could have any car you wanted?
    A Pontiac Firebird. No particular year. They all rule.

  • What's your occupation?
    Student Information Systems Technician. Why is that the title sounds so much more important than the job? I fix computers.

  • If you could do anything you wanted, what would your occupation be?
    To expound on Michelle's answer, a freelance writer, not limited to one particular type of writing - I'd do screenplays, novels, the works!

  • What's your favorite hobby?
    Quake III.

  • What's your favorite animal?
    Poison Arrow Frogs. Sure they're deadly, but they are so cool looking!

  • Are you annoyed with all these questions yet?
    If I was, I wouldn't be writing still now would I?

  • What's your favorite food?
    The perfect steak. I'm a red meat lover. Throw in a baked potato and garlic bread and I will love you forever.

  • Toilet paper: over or under?
    Whichever way it gets placed. I try not to be anal about everything >:-)

  • What's the best place you've gone on vacation?
    Canada. I haven't been on vacation for.....years. Not since my junior year of high school, so 6 1/2 years. But Canada ruled all.

    Okay, last one:

  • If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
    Right now? Wherever Bonnie is. But that's silly, so.......Scotland. Yes, definitely Scotland.
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