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edited for content and to run in the time allotted - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
edited for content and to run in the time allotted
Everybody who's single and hating it, raise their hand.

These days I don't seem to be accomplishing anything. I made a discovery last night that could be contributing to that - nothing good has happened in my life for a while, way too long really. Just when things seem to be picking up, they come crashing down again. It's a pattern that seems to be repeating itself. There doesn't seem to be anyone I can really depend on, and sometimes I wonder how many people actually continue to care about my existence.

Even aside from studying, which I should be doing anyway, all the recreational things I think about partaking in just don't seem to be happening. That might be getting better - I went on the scavenger hunt for the station on Thursday and today we're playing flag football and then going to watch the Kings game. Of course it's taking up prime study time, and sometimes I wonder if I will ever graduate.....the one class I'm doing the best in is my major class, but it's the only one and the other classes are starting to get slacked off in. I wish I had more classes for the major....fucking Existentialism...why did I think it would be fun? These guys who spent years and years trying to get the tiniest detail about our existence without every figuring anything out. There seem to be more important things to worry about. Like why Dying Fetus is such a great band. And why people are offended by anything and everything these days.....

I'm rambling. I think I do my best thinking when that happens.

I don't know what depression is like, and I am fairly sure that's not where I'm at, but whatever it is I'm feeling these days, it kinda sucks.

My journals are so fucking gloomy.

Current Mood: depressed depressed
Currently Blasting: Dying Fetus - Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog

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