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News items this morning.... - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
News items this morning....
*The U.S. Marine Corp is holding a ceremony today in Honolulu to formally promote....Gomer Pile. Yes, that is correct. A ficitional character is being promoted from Private to Lance Corporal (or whatever that term is). Your tax dollars at work, folks.

*After Jackie Chan publicly announced that he has a girlfriend, no less than 2 young women in Hong Kong killed themselves due to depression over the news - one via poisoning herself at his office, one by jumping underneath a subway train. Chan made a statement to the effect of "I am sorry to hear this, I try to bring joy to people's lives, not pain and sorrow" or something and said he wouldn't make his private life public anymore. What I really wish he had said was "Let's break this down. Two girls killed themselves because they were so depressed that I have a girlfriend. All I have to say is - good. The world is a better place without idiots like that populating it. Thank you."
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