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I dunno, I felt like posting this because it is otherwise impossible… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I dunno, I felt like posting this because it is otherwise impossible on this forum, and hey, since we're all being childish, I figured I'd join in the fun.

This post has now been deemed "classified" because someone couldn't handle the repercussions of a rant. You wanna know the content? Well, too bad, you'll have to be able to see the friends-only posts. What? You're not one of her friends??? Well, lucky for you, I managed to sneak a peek at the post in question before it was gone from sight.

And it's all really fucking stupid.

Some people post a lot, and sure, most of it is pretty bland, trite stuff that maybe a lot of people don't want to read. But some people do. Hence, friends lists. But guess what!?!?!?! Some people are friends to more than one person, who might also be a friend to a fellow friend!!!!! *shocked beyond belief* What does that mean to you, the average LJ user? Well, that means you might read a bunch of posts from people who aren't your friends, but someone else's. Because you're reading someone else's friends page.

So what do yiou do when you're annoyed that some people post a lot about seemingly inconsequential stuff? You get really irritated by it and tell them off, that's what!!. I bet you thought I was going to say 'You deal with it and don't let it bother you, because in the end it doesn't make a fucking bit of difference'. Boy, are you stupid.

But wait, there's more. Then the people who are being picked on by a hypocrite who has nothing better to do get upset and comment on the post, and when ridiculed, get their friends to! Oh my god, no!!!!! Hence, it is now "classified" and unviewable unless you are with the "in" crowd, whatever that is.....

I'm not sure who is actually being more childish in the whole situation.

No, you don't get to answer 'YOU!!!!11!!" because duh, that's impossible.
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