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Music post time - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Music post time
Tonight's cut, altered, shortened play list because I can't remember all 28 songs I played:
Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth
Diecast - Plague
Diecast - some other song from their demo
Burnt by the Sun
Children of Bodom
Dimmu Borgir
Lacuna Coil
Blind Guardian
Haste (they suck)
the new MEGADETH!
Merendine Atomiche (Italian band who sent me a promo)
Napalm Death
God Dethroned

That's about all the bands I remember playing...might be missing a few. Today in the mail my Dying Fetus "Killing on Adrenaline" CD I won on ebay showed up - I am listening to it right now. This band rules.

That's my music post for the evening. I have to be up at about 7:30 to help my grandma till her garden. But I get waffles out of it. So it sorta evens out.....

Currently Blasting: Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline

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