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If everybody had ESP, things would be so much simpler. - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
If everybody had ESP, things would be so much simpler.
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From: sabbath66 Date: August 6th, 2001 06:46 am (UTC) (Link)


I agree, but then everyone would be fuckin depressed because of all the disapointment they might have to face....
suffocated From: suffocated Date: August 8th, 2001 06:07 pm (UTC) (Link)


Everybody's already fuckin depressed. This would just make them see that everybody else is just as down as them....I dunno, it might actually cut down on suicides.
From: sabbath66 Date: August 8th, 2001 11:40 pm (UTC) (Link)


That is true.
The advantages of having ESP are endless.
Id always use it to see if someone is lying to me. I fucking hate liars, and Im a very paranoid person.
jesterstear From: jesterstear Date: August 7th, 2001 05:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
The world would also be a LOT emptier, because a lot of people would be dead after someone else found what they were thinking :-)

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