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Fun with AIM!! - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Fun with AIM!!
MgrAim2 (12:16:02 AM): djchaos1580, I am with the AIM Community Action Team and due to a virus in our database we seem to have failed to receive your account information. To correct this situation, please enter your current account password and click send. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for using America Online Instant Messanger (AIM).
DJChaos1580 (12:18:07 AM): which virus?
MgrAim2 (12:18:28 AM): We at AIM have given it the name "deviant varient"
DJChaos1580 (12:19:58 AM): That's great, but usually anti-virus groups conduct naming procedures, and they usually follow patterns - is this something that has been listed with Symantec or McAfee? Or is it new?
MgrAim2 (12:21:00 AM): No sir it is new and no further information has been given to us
DJChaos1580 (12:22:45 AM): When you say "we seem to have failed to receive your account information" what does that mean exactly? I'm logged in, so I am confused as to what the problem is. It's not like I'm being billed for using this program.
MgrAim2 (12:26:00 AM): Sir, you are not required to give me your password but if you do not then i cannot assure you that your account information will not be lost
DJChaos1580 (12:27:29 AM): Why are you conducting this procedure in this method? Wouldn't it be far easier to send out an official email?
MgrAim2 (12:27:59 AM): Only those people logged on at the time of the incident are going to be affected
DJChaos1580 (12:28:27 AM): When was the "incident"?
MgrAim2 (12:29:22 AM): Sir i am not allowed to give you any details but i reassure you that an official letter will be emailed to explain the details of this incident.
DJChaos1580 (12:31:20 AM): So what you're saying is, I have no way to verify your identity and you can't give me any information to do so, but I should go ahead and give you my password anyway? Why would an employee need my password anyway? What is it useful for? Forgive my cynicism, I am not a very trusting soul.
MgrAim2 (12:31:27 AM): Thank you for your time unfortunatly i do not have time to chat, and i apologize in advance if your accont becomes unavaliable to you in the near future.
MgrAim2 (12:32:16 AM): Have a nice day and thank you for using AIM.
MgrAim2 signed off at 12:33:17 AM.
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slayergoddess From: slayergoddess Date: August 4th, 2001 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
That is really weird.... how the heck?
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