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Thinking about Death - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Thinking about Death
On Wednesday in my Psychology of Death & Dying class, we did a little survey-type thing where the prof read off some hypothetical situations and we had to answer yes or no to the question at the end, and we were supposed to answer fairly quickly without thinking about it too much. These are the 7 situations (some details may be missing since I didn't write them down):

1. Arriving at an airport for a scheduled flight with a friend, you board to see two remaining seats on the entire plane. One is in the back, where you absolutely hate to sit, and the other is next to a couple dressed in black, and the woman is crying softly. Do you avoid sitting next to her?
2. You arrive in a city you don't know very well for an important slate of meetings the next day in conjunction with your job. The hotel you made your reservation at, which is very close to the meeting site, informs you that they have overbooked and there are no rooms available, but they can get you a room at an inferior motel that is roughly a 20 minute cab drive away. While you are deciding, the person at the desk is made aware that a room has become available. When she offers it to you, you inquire as to the sudden availability. She tells you that an elderly gentlemen who was staying there has passed away but the room can be ready in 30 minutes. Do you take the room?
3. You are in the hunt for a house that needs repairing in a particular price range. After months of searching, you finally locate one that is for all intents and purposes, perfect. While talking to a neighbor, you are made aware of some history of the house: strange sounds have emanated from it in the past, and there was once a woman killed there. (This one I am probably missing some things). Do you buy the house?
4. At a family gathering, you make a remark to a relative of the same gender that you admire a shirt they are wearing and would very much to like to find one for yourself. A short time later, that same relative falls ill suddenly and dies. The surviving family knows your fondness for the particular garment and gives it to you. The question is, do you wear it?
5. You are planning a dinner party for friends and co-workers. Everything seems to be in order, except that you notice rather close to the start of the party that you don't have any flowers for the dinner table and would really like some. There really isn't time to go to the store. A friend/neighbor (don't remember which) overhears your distress and mentions that they have some flowers from a funeral at which guests were encouraged to take flowers with them. She offers them to you. Do you take them and use them?
6. In the apartment complex you are seriously considering renting at, there are 2 units available, and in almost every aspect they are the exact same place. There is one difference: one faces a nondescript brick wall with nothing interesting in the least about it, while the other has a view of a mortuary. Do you take the apartment with the mortuary view?
7. While driving home late at night, you have arrived in your general neighborhood, when suddenly your car dies. It is something like a 3/4 mile walk by the sidewalk to get to your house, which curves around a couple times. Your other option is a shortcut through a cemetary which shaves off over half of the walking time. Do you go through the cemetary?

Maybe some of these aren't as interesting to some of you, but for the most part I found them intriguing. The wording of the questions is important, but I think I managed to get them right. Later I will post my own answers to some or all of them. Now I have to think about what to play for my show tonight.....

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