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Bad days are not supposed to culminate in stupid things. Or maybe… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Bad days are not supposed to culminate in stupid things. Or maybe they are? I thought I was buying tuna on sale. Apparently I was not. And I think I figured out why once I got home. Light tuna vs. Solid Albacore, what the hell is the difference???

It was like Hottie Central at Safeway tonight. WOW.

My launchcast player is being retarded.

I got my car service manual in the mail today. I already read about how to change my oil so I don't have to spend all my money to pay someone else to do it. I don't have much left anyway, since I went to the store. But I have lunch and dinner for days and days, hooray!

I will read some tonight. "The Giza Powerplant" also came today.
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From: longhairedfreak Date: July 31st, 2001 11:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's such a concidence what you said about Safeway, there's this guy that works there and I've only seen him twice and he looks like a Spanish God...there's this gas station around here, and i think that the boss is a woman because that place always hires such good looking guys, its like i'm in some beach in california.

but of course i don't notice them ;Þ
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