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Fair warning: I am irritable as hell right now. It was a bad bad… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Fair warning: I am irritable as hell right now. It was a bad bad day that kept going downhill. Part of this post....well, a lot of it probably, will involve network/computer stuff so if you don't understand it, sorry. I'm not up to explaining much right now.

I had phones this morning at 8, and I swear I haven't been that busy for a while. I think I took about a dozen calls, which may not seem so bad but I had to make callbacks, check on other things, go through the Help Desk email, voice mail, and assign tickets. It wasn't fun.

At 11:45 I took a ticket to go work on a virus problem, but not the Sircam massive epidemic we've seen in our offices this week and last. A user was getting an infected file message, so I went and checked it out. The message was saying that Word docs being saved to the user's personal drive (F: on our network setup) were infected, but it didn't say with what. Now, I have yet to deal with a virus on a network drive, so I sought the consultation of our resident virus guru, Michelle. I like to think of myself as an apprentice. I just love dealing with viruses. If something infected gets saved to a network drive, it is cleaned on the way since all of our servers are running anti-virus protection, probably Norton. So she said the infection must be on her hard drive, a macro virus infecting any document that is opened. Makes sense, I have dealt with a few of these before. So I go back, and see that the user has no anti-virus software installed. Well, that sucks. See, most of our users ( I think) have InnoculteIT installed since it was free and we didn't have any particular plans at the time. InnoculateIT has since become a pay service. We did keep the install file on the network with the most recent signatures just in case. When I went to check on that today, to see if I could put it on, I noticed that the folder it was kept in had disappeared. Well, that was fucking great. I also saw that a folder had appeared for Norton AV Corporate Edition. Wasn't sure where that came from. See, we are in the process of loading the latest Norton protection on everyone's machines, but we are planning it at once, not when we are at computers for other reasons. Seems someone has jumped the gun, and I'm annoyed because I don't think anything should have changed yet. I'm wondering if anyone actually got the OK for this stuff or if people are taking it upon themselves to determine what we should be doing. See the problem here is, we are all students, and we don't get decision making responsibilities. Some people seem to forget that. So I tried an online virus scan, but I noticed that it was taking a long time to go through temp internet files, so I stopped it. And then deleted 30,000 freaking files. It was the new record.....for about 3 hours. More on that. I started the scan again but it took so long to start the first time, and I thought it was doing it again, that I said fuck it, I'm installing Norton on here, policy be damned. So I did.

And there were no viruses found on the hard drive.

That pissed me off. I ended up scanning some floppies that the files had come from, and one had 4 infected files with W97M.Class.A.Gen. I'm not sure how the virus skipped from one floppy to a hard drive to a network drive without infecting the middle part, but whatever. It's all clean.

That ended up taking me until after 1. So I finally got to eat lunch, and I was supposed to be in Old Sac at 2pm for a guy having Groupwise (our email client) problems. Didn't get there until after 2:30, oweing to other jobs, etc. The problem I concerned myself with was that GW was locking up on startup First things first. Delete temp files and temporary internet files. Tried starting it again, locked up loading the mailbox. Restarted. When it came back up (might have taken a couple tries) noticed a fatal error in a program that seemed familiar, but didn't think much of it. To confirm my suspicions, I tried accessing my favorite site, SARC to see if I could pull up the info on a virus I had seen before. But IE kept crashing. That was annoying. So I restarted again. This time I went to McAfee's site, but that didn't work either. I was getting mighty suspicious. So I went to CAI's Virus site, which was probably not thought of to block. Looked up the W95.MTX virus/worm/trojan. BINGO! Searched for the files it drops, all of them existed on this computer. But why didn't his Norton catch them?

Check the Scan history. NEVER. Check the latest virus definitions date. March of 2000. When did this virus come out? August of 2000. Aha. So it's not protected against anything from the last 18 months or so. Nice. But can I update it? NO! Why? Because it has an administrator lock on it. So then me and Chris get sneaky and transfer the defs to floppies and install it that way. Scan again. Nothing changes. Well, we brought SystemWorks 2001, so we'll just put on a new version of AV. Go to uninstall the current version....and it asks for a fucking password!!!! TO UNINSTALL A PROGRAM!!!! What the fuck is that about????? We have no clue, nobody in that office does either. Great. Well, I want to get this done. (If you have an idea for what I should have done, save it, I'm getting there). So I just install the new one over the old one. Restart.

"Cannot find HIMEM.SYS. Windows has stopped loading"

OH. FUCK. Tried copying the file from somewhere else. Didn't work. The weird part is that the file was there, but for some reason it wasn't seeing it. Well, by this time we had been there for nearly 2 hours, and were fucking tired of dealing with it. So we pack up the laptop and call a cab back to the office. I figure I'll deal with it tomorrow.

*Yes, I know I should have used the MTX Removal tool. I totally didn't think of it.
*The first thing I will check is the config.sys/win.ini/whatever for where the himem.sys is pointing to, and make sure it's there. After that....who knows.

Basically, I caused more damage today than I fixed. There were other problems that did not get resolved. It totally sucked.

Plus, Rachele was looking totally hot today, and I did not get to see Regina at all after I got on the elevator at 8 AM this morning. :( I need a hug....and some lovin. And a fucking back rub. My muscles are killing me.
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redcreamsoda From: redcreamsoda Date: July 31st, 2001 08:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
i wish i could help.


From: kaidreams Date: August 3rd, 2001 08:21 am (UTC) (Link)


What a bitch of a job to have to do! I find it tedious enough to have to fix my bosses comp everytime he screws that up. I don't envy you at all. Would happily give you that massage you needed... but I think you're a fair bit too far away from me for it to be practical...lol. It's the thought that counts I guess. Hope the rest of your week has been better.

suffocated From: suffocated Date: August 3rd, 2001 12:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: UGH!

I thank you for your kind thoughts. :) The rest of the week has indeed been better - I have been kicking virus ass all over the state! Sometimes this job can just be a little too much.
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