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Dream Analysis would show I'm weird - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Dream Analysis would show I'm weird
I remember most of whatever I dreamed last night, and that doesn't happen often. There are really only a couple of dreams that I've remembered throughout the years, either because they were just too weird or because they literally scared the shit out of me. Last night's was just weird.

There doesn't seem to be any real cohesiveness to the events detailed, just a bunch of random scenes. The first that I recall had me dealing with overflowing toilets, and we're not talking the nice kind (is there such a thing?)..oh no, this was the worst you can imagine. Gross. Don't remember exactly what happened, but the next thing I remember is this weird confrontation between students at some school and riot police firing air cannon-propelled bean bags at them. 3 were shot at me, and I tried to catch one. I don't think anyone was killed, but it was somewhat frightening - during the dream I thought of Kent State. Then we came to the next part, which involved a two opposing groups of people - the bad ones apparently followed some leader named Seth, which may have been an acronym or a pseudonym, and when I entered this part of the dream one of our own (who I believe may have been pro wrestler William Regal) had returned triumphantly from killing Seth, but now those that were part of the good group were being rounded up by the bad. It turned out that Seth was still alive, or at least was reported to be, but a small group of younger goods snuck off to figure out what to do about the situation.


Next came the last part. It started with me conversing with more wrestlers, discussing whether or not the scorn shown by their friends/siblings was real or was part of the storylines, and then we went to talk to them about it. At that point, I was called upon to be part of some meeting, because apparently I was an important individual in whatever organization was meeting. This was taking place in the back of an auditorium that was filled with rowdy adolescents I think. There was supposed to be some sort of presentation I guess, but nothing was happening so the crowd was getting quite raucous, and just before I stepped up to the front to calm things down, again William Regal showed up to begin.

I'm pretty sure that's when I woke up.

Dream analysis is interesting, and even though I'm not always sure it means anything, this dream (or series) could prove to be rather intriguing.
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