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Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Maybe people will hate me for this, but - http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060818/ap_on_re_us/katrina_victim_lawsuit_6

This is a joke.  I'm well aware that the response to the hurricane was on the level of absurdity, but you know what?  That's how it went down.  People died.  First and foremost, it is not the government's responsibility to make sure each and every person is doing alright, wherever they are.  Why exactly did the son keep his mother outside for 24 hours if it was so hot, knowing how frail she was?  People did the best they could under trying circumstances.  Let's start the blame game!  I guess there was no inheritance.
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It's funny how one thing can set you off. I don't mean violently, like I saw a grandma driving her car slowly and I suddenly started an impromptu demolition derby. No, this was more of the psychological side of things. I went to Safeway to grab a few things and behind me in line was this ridiculously beautiful girl and her boyfriend. I got so angry, and despair started to set in. When is it my turn? I can't even get the cute girl who cut my hair to go out with me (though for an admittedly decent reason), let alone someone like this girl in line. But wait, it's not just that. Everything is giving me cause to worry these days, and I'm starting to think that maybe the brand new world I envisioned opening up for me come graduation isn't really going to appear magically out of thin air. I started on the Abs Diet with no real goal in mind; perhaps that was a mistake. I don't know what I weighed when I started, but it's not primarily about losing weight. It's about losing fat, and I think that's happening....glacially. I'm losing motivation to keep going. What is the point? So far, the little voice in my head is winning, telling me that it's certainly an improvement and it will only get better if I keep it up. But the progress seems so slow, and I need to see something happening to be really motivated. And yes, I hoped that maybe shaping up would get me more attention. Maybe it has, and I don't know it. But I'm not any less desperately single and lonely than I was when I started, and it fucking blows. I lost my train of thought. These are the things I worry about:

*Work. I don't like my job and I'd like to leave it, but for some reason I'm not getting any interviews. I should up my efforts, to be sure, but I'm ahead of the curve in my qualifications and still nothing. Plus, do I continue looking only for tech jobs, or do I try and get something in my chose field of English? I am quite sure I'm not as employable, even with less than 3 months until graduation, and I wouldn't get paid as much, but at some point I have to shift my focus.
*School. It's not so bad now that I've gotten some of the work done I was behind on. I'm not going to graduate with a cumulative 3.0, and I don't know where that will leave me as far as graduate school in the future.
*Money. Self-explanatory really, but even with the raise I got with this job and being able to afford things, my debt isn't shrinking like I'd like it to, and again, I should be making more.
*Being alone. There's a whole lot more to that lately that I'm not getting into tonight, but it's frustrating me beyond belief. I thought of Drea tonight on the way home, and the first time she grabbed my hand and how awesome it was, and it made me really sad.

Pretty sure there was more when I started....maybe I'll add them later.
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Is it wrong of me to expect my friends to remember my birthday and want to do something with me without me reminding them? I like to do stuff for my friends on their birthdays...maybe I just have a really good memory?
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Relationship advice from a True Expert™

If you found this half as funny as I do, let's be friends. I cannot believe there is an industry that preys on people's lack of self-confidence like this. I'm no extrovert but COME ON.
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A few things. I think I'll just skip anything about my life because...it's not all that interesting.

Last night I scared the crap out of myself when I invented a fucking maniac in a dream I had. I don't remember all the details, but it had something to do with a woman/girl who survived a car accident that killed her parents, and a kid she knew that drew a picture to be nice. It came to light later on that in fact the kid was psychotic, that the picture was not meant as a nice gesture, but to instill fear, and that he had grown up to be some famous person named Yon Stewart. And he was really creepy looking. I seriously forced myself to think of something else before falling asleep again, because it was freaking me out.

Why is every season finale involving a gun this year? Also, why does nobody on TV have morals?

For the record, I think the decision to patrol the border is a waste of time and money on a massive scale. So people come to work here, illegally. Big fucking deal. It doesn't hurt me. The only thing I require is that before they receive any public services, they pay taxes. If that is impossible due to their legal status...too bad. The immigration system is so fucked up here.
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LJ Interests meme results

  1. belief systems:
    I'm not religious, but I'm interested in why people are, and that extends to wanting to know about the different types of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc etc. What draws a person to it?
  2. creation:
    I'm happiest when I'm creating something...it really has nothing to do with "the" creation.
  3. dvds:
    Mostly because I like movies, but good DVDs are tight.
  4. honesty:
    Probably the single most important aspect I would ever ask of someone who intended to be part of my life. Without honesty, there's no trust, and without trust, there will never be a real relationship.
  5. john petrucci:
    Dream Theater's godly guitar player. I love listening to his work, whether it be Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, or random one-offs.
  6. making movies:
    A hobby that I don't make enough time for - gaming movies, or machinima, to be exact. I've made 4 counter-strike movies, and have a million plans for more. I also am working in the game The Movies which has a fantastic tool for creating films.
  7. nevermore:
    Seattle, WA-based heavy metal band.
  8. reading:
    Not much to say here...I've been reading forever. It always surprises me when people don't like to read for pleasure.
  9. spirituality:
    see #1 - I'm not completely anti-spirituality; personally I have my own beliefs, they just generally don't involve a higher power. I'd like to learn more about people's experiences, as I see it as a valuable learning experience.
  10. vitalij kuprij:
    A keyboard prodigy from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I first heard of him on Launchcast when "Improvisations on a Theme by J.S. Bach" came on randomly, and I about blew my load...it was unreal. I only have one CD of his work, but it contains that song.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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For the Bush haters....and anyone with a sense of humor
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I stole this from Michelle...some of the CDs I can't live without:

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!
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Cooking for one is rather dull. I need a girl.
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this is one of those nights where i really didn't want to come home to an empty house.
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