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Well today I got a call from one of the places I put my resume into -… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Well today I got a call from one of the places I put my resume into - the one I was really really qualified for. Set up an interview for next week, which I am excited about. Its a law firm, which I have experience with, and it pays really well, and is of course full time. Downtown, even, which is where I want to move. I did some preliminary calculations because I am a nerd, and by subtracting the additional income from what I'm getting by on now, I could save somewhere around $6,000 over the course of a year. That blows me away. I'm sure it won't get that high, I need to get my credit cards down, etc. But the good news about having a few thousand in the bank is that when I decide to move out of Sacramento for good, I won't be in need of immediate employment. I'll have some money to live on while I look for a decent job. Also, this job that I'm interviewing for is looking to fill the position quickly, so I could know as early as the end of next week if I have it or not (and I think I have a very good chance, since I possess pretty much everything they are looking for). This means that I wouldn't have to stress over what I could afford re: rent, since with the increased pay I would be just fine. And I could just find a place and move. Wish me luck with this job, I would REALLY REALLY like to get it.

I called Shell Bell on Monday night. I always call her on Mondays. Talked for over an hour I think. She has gotten so much better on the phone. :-) I'm hoping soon she will buckle under my constant harassment and come to see me soon, very soon. I said soon a lot in that sentence. The word has lost all meaning.

I have tomorrow off, but I'm working Friday, like 10% of the country. I don't care, its easy money since nobody will be here and we can play games all day. Larry (my boss) even said so.

I don't really want to talk about Amy. I just want to get her here, dammit. If anything can go my way, if life can throw me a bone, by the end of the summer I am going to be a very happy boy.
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