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"I want you to stay here." "Why?" "Because I hate you."… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
"I want you to stay here."
"Because I hate you."


I watched Cats & Dogs yesterday. That movie is actually really funny, like the above quote there. Ok, in context its funnier, because the boss cat is locking his assistant in a room thats presently on fire. I laughed out loud several times, in fact. Funny shit. I also cried. :( Even in movies seeing dogs get hurt is really sad to me.

Um....lets see. All my pimping has been sporadically successful at best. I missed my princess' call last night *grrrrrrrrr* but I will talk to her this week. GR$ match didn't happen last night since the other team forfeited because they are gay. They were going to scrim anyway but the other team couldn't get enough guys, so like 2 hours later while I was at lairans' house they had a pick up game against some cheaters (well, it seemed that way). They kinda stopped caring after they got spanked the first half so between the team killing and the pump shotties on aztec, I was falling out of the chair from laughing so hard. I really am a geek.

My computer at home is being a huge bitch, so tonight I am formatting the drive and reinstalling Win XP again. I don't think I like it much. I should get a Mac.

In other news, ACTION HALF LIFE BETA 5 IS OUT!!!!! See, me and lairans play that at work because the computers here suck for CS, and we've gotten pretty good. We've been using beta 4 for hella days, and they finally released a new one. Looks sweet. I'd know more if my computer hadn't restarted while I was playing.

"The geeks shall inherit the earth"

I fucking hope so. Iced Earth & In Flames tonight. Uh, don't know if I'll be attending, due to a certain phone call I pretty much HAVE to make tonight. Plus, I don't have a ticket yet. Oh, and I have to work tomorrow. It would be a real pain to go. But but but....ICED EARTH AND IN FLAMES!!! Fuck.
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From: memoriam Date: April 29th, 2002 01:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
You don't have to make the phone call tonight if you want to go. It seems like a big inconvenience, but it's Iced Earth and In Flames! I would really like to go if I wasn't so far away.
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