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So much to say, [insert rest of saying here] - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
So much to say, [insert rest of saying here]
Damn. I think someone should invent a Palm Live Journal, because I think of things to write down whenever I'm not in a capacity to actually do it. And then on days like today, where I'm away from my comp for 13 1/2 hours straight, there is a lot of time to forget things. We'll see what I've retained.

Why do people feel the need to turn in front of you, causing you to slow down, when there is clearly no cars behind you as far as the eye can see? I don't get it.

The Post-Spring Break Course Report
Creative Writing
This class has been good for 2 things, I think. Rekindling my interest in writing, and introducing me formally to some other poetry styles. Other than that, it hasn't been that great if I really think about it. I'm not that impressed with the professor's own writing, and I am not too keen on how she seems to try and tell us the right way to write stuff. Today was the difference between showing and telling prose. You know what, I mostly tell, and I'm good at that, so leave me alone. I find it more useful in understanding a story and developing an image of it in you head. I didn't finish my short story yet, I have just under 7 pages and I need 10. I have a good idea for the end, though. When it's done I'll put it on my web page to avoid clogging your friends pages and link to it. I should get an A or B in this class.
Psychology of Death & Dying
Not a whole lot expected from me yet. I do have to do a couple papers before the end of the semester, but between the midterm and my assignments, I will probably ace this class. Don't remember what I said before, but we watched a video on Happiness on Monday and I was disgruntled that they didn't bother to try and explain happiness as a spiritual state, but rather simply as a measure of brain activity and such. It did get me thinking about studies and their usefulness, though. Will post on it later.
Symbolic Logic
This class is easy, and I like it. I just wish I didn't have the 2 1/2 hour version once a week. All about using representations of logical arguments to prove validity, more or less.
Well, I haven't been in a while. The reading is ridiculously thick. I just think it's something you should learn on your own, not in a class. Maybe I should have thought of that before I signed up.
World Religions
See: Existentialism. But I go more often.


"Fall of Sipledome" by TestAmenT might be too violent for driving music. But I didn't hit anyone this time.

Work was a mess today. I had 12 voice mails to answer this morning and a bunch more e-mails on the Help Desk mailbox. Good thing for me was that most pertained to 2 problems, both of which were fixed in a timely manner. Work was done on the primary server last night and they had to reboot it this morning, and then for whatever reason people at district offices had their logins disabled. So we changed that. Then one would still not work, and I worried I would have to call Teale (supplies the routers and their tech support staff is on caffeine pills i think) but thankfully rebooting the router fixed it.

There is a girl in my Psych class I've basically been staring at from across the room for most of the semester's 10 or so weeks. I have this immense fear of approaching girls, usually because I always wonder what they think is the reason for me talking to them in the first place. Like, why else would I say hi unless I liked them? Especially since I really haven't said a word to her 'til now. You girls out there, tell me if I'm paranoid.

Thanks to Holly for sending me a text message on my pager. Nobody ever pages me so I feel special. You guys should do that since you can e-mail it and not get charged for long distance.

I think that's it for the top of my head. I want to go into school tomorrow even though it's my day off from work to read some stuff in the Career Center. I should probably schedule an appointment with the advisor I saw last semester too since I was supposed to see her early on. Oops.

I actually have plans for the next couple weekends. Which is good, because it's not like Bonnie is ever going to call me. See, when she cancelled her plans to see me last week on the way out of town, she said she would call when she got back. Well, that was a week ago, and nothing. The main reason I never say anything to her is because I don't want to cause tension between us, but I would like to be honest. I love the girl, but sometimes she gives me headaches.

We have decided to forego the Judgement Day PPV here in Sacramento in favor of SummerSlam, which will be in San Jose (road trip!) in August (vacation!) and is one of the bigger events of the year. Should be cool. Plus I will have more $$ to afford a better seat.

Now I'm really done.

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pinkfu From: pinkfu Date: April 18th, 2001 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Palm Posting

They do make a palm client for LJ, check the downloads page. :)
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 19th, 2001 01:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Not all girls ask themselves why a guy is talking to them in the first place. And if she thinks that the guy is only talking to her because he likes her, then she has a huge ego. Once the guy starts guffawing over her though...that is when she starts to get a little suspicious. I mean, when I guy talks to me in class...I just think he is being friendly...nothing else.
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