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Two midterms today. Back to back. With the same professor. After I… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Two midterms today. Back to back. With the same professor. After I handed in the second one he said "go relax". Yeah, right. Cause I have lots of free time to do that. I skipped out on the radio show tonight, though; just don't have the state of mind to get on the air. And anyone who was waiting for me to be broadcasting online so I could fill your hearts with the blackest evil imaginable....keep waiting. Bueracracy sucks ass.

So these midterms...I didn't do any serious studying until yesterday, really. One was in my Social Issues class and the other in History of Early Modern Philosophy. I was supposed to get together with a girl from the first class but that didn't work out. :( So I studied here and there, went to the library for a little while to get jump started, then skipped my first class this morning to get some extra time.

I went in feeling very unsure, but left feeling much better. for both. Guess we'll see how I do....probably not 'til next Monday.

Anything else going on? Not really. We'll see what work is up to tomorrow. Last week was hitting every user's computer to see who can handle the Office XP rollout and who can't. That's taking place first weekend of November. Work is in a rut right now.

I want to call Bonnie tonight. I miss her. I miss the smell of her hair. I miss kissing her. I miss the sound she makes when I pick her up. Yes, definitely have to call tonight. Definitely tonight.

I wish my computer was working. Looks like I might be able to get a replacement from the site I bought it from, but I have to find the damn invoice. I had it around here......
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