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I think the greatest feeling in the world may be when thousands of… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I think the greatest feeling in the world may be when thousands of people are cheering for you in unison. A single instantaneous moment of complete happiness, multiplied several thousand times, has got to be the greatest emotion a human being can feel. It doesn't really matter what motivates it.....I thought about it tonight while watching the Kings make a valiant comeback (in case you're wondering, they lost) and as they inched closer, the crowd would explode for every made basket, and to think it was for something simple like basketball. How must it feel to be down on the floor hearing the roars and knowing that you have one of the greatest jobs in the world?

Perhaps the paradox that is the skewed salary system in America isn't as great a travesty as we might think. "Those that make the biggest difference, like teachers, are paid nothing compared to athletes who just play a game for millions...that's not right!" Well, in this modern world where the instant gratification takes precedence over the slow buildup to utter bliss, perhaps the system makes sense after all. Food for thought.
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